Modelling Data in Neo4j: Qualifying Relationships

Interesting test on whether to list something as a property or as a relationship. This may cause me to change how I do the :OPTION in a product to selection relationship, making it :STEP1 instead. Levels would still exist.

Pencil | FiftyThree

I love the way this site displays the inner parts of the pencil. Scroll Down!

Git - Book

Online version of the Pro Git book is free!

How we'd cover Ferguson if it happened in another country - Vox

It is very interesting to read our own traditions as played out how other traditions are played out.
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Walden Quotes by Henry David Thoreau

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.

Coda 2

Thank you for having custom syntax modes. That's nice. :-)
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Control the whale coming right at you.

I want to select different backgrounds. Until then, I'm content with this.

PHP: Multidimensional Arrays

When grabbing a multi-dimensional array for display, wrapping the print_r($array) with tags makes for a very nice layout.
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Jingoism is not education | Bangkok Post: opinion

"No one can deny the significance of patriotism. Every country needs it. Patriotism gives the ties that bind people from all walks of life together. It creates a sense of oneness and strengthens national unity to achieve a common goal." "We need patriotism that is not rooted in race, ethnicity, or religion, but which embraces and respects cultural pluralism." "... Teaching on ethno-centric nationalism will also intensify conflicts both within and outside the country." This opinion piece ran in the Bangkok post and raises many interesting points.


I often hear people who are debating speak of specific fallacies. I don't always remember what the specific fallacy would mean. This page is a nice layout of many of the known fallacies.

Comcastic service disconnection by ryan.block

I despise my Comcast service. I could not be more depressed to have it. Comcast service is a joke. This is exactly how every call I have with them goes. May Comcast learn something from this call.

World Cup Fun with Neo4j

I remember reading Freakonomics and being excited about the huge amounts of data that are now available for analysis. The data was still far away from me but it was interesting to read the results of the analysis. Big Data is getting smaller! We are now able to 'play with' the data associated with the FIFA World Cup thanks to a historical Neo4j Graph Dataset.

Direct Access vs. Sequential Access: Definition

Jakob Nielsen continues to be the go-to guy for usability. So much of what he says just makes sense. This is about avoiding carousels.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

This comic never seems to disappoint. I am always amused and find myself looking forward to the next one. If you know any other comics like this one, please let me know. I love smart humor. This is smart humor at the pinnacle.

Pure CSS Framework (Used On This Blog!)

This is the other part of how I am going to pull off a link blog. My blog will always have a link for a title. I just have to accept that. I am not interesting enough on my own. I must have a link. Well, hell. That could be a link to a picture I took or something. It could be a meaningless link and I provide the title. I could link to a different Strongbad email whenever I just want to say something. However, this is not the final hurrah. This is just me getting started. I've got this for the blog. The next thing is the quote section. Unfortunately, I'm looking at angular for that. I like that I have the name of the css framework I used so that I can add the things in like tags for each story. Anyway, I used Pure for this with a link off of the Yahoo CDN. It may or may not get better but it's damn sure better than what it was.