"We spend a lot of money insuring common events."

This really made me think about insurance and how I pay a lot of money to only pay a little money for a doctor visit. A physical or a visit to CVS Minute Clinic probably shouldn't go through an insurance company.


"Why is it okay to sell Uranium to a Russian but it's not okay to talk to one?" - Volunteer at Freedom Center

This comment was an out-loud other room conversation between two people. I'm sitting here typing this wondering if it's okay to answer it. Is it even worth it? I think it is. Let me try to answer the question here.

The short answer is that it is not okay to sell Uranium to a Russian.

I think this question must be answered objectively. To do so, the question needs to be refined. It's two questions in one.

The first question is "Is it okay to sell Uranium to a Russian?" and that's mostly yes. There's a wikipedia page on how the sale was done, who did the sale, and the investigation into the legality of the sale. That's why I say mostly yes. A gag order was lifted in October and further investigation after the gag order was lifted has not led to any arrests.

The second question is "Is it okay to talk to a Russian?" and that's mostly yes. I talk to Russians. However, if the question is to a member of the Russian government about assistance in winning an American election, then that's going to be no, it's not okay.

Does that make sense?


"This is a pretty half-ass game of pictionary right here." - Solomon D. Johnson

This comment came as we were making up the rules as we went along. There was a question as to whether there would be stealing of an unanswered drawing. We decided not.